A Work Week Ahead

The long weekend is over and I am glad I was able to deliver some of pending tasks. Still got some to do but not in a hurry, oh here I go again with procrastination. hehe.. I am quite bothered this morning when DD woke up a bit cranky, she said her legs are aching and she’s pale. She only ate a little of her breakfast and went back to bed. We checked on her temperature and it’s normal. Thank God. I called up and checked on her, DH told me that the little girl wanted to go to school and that she’s now ok. Oh well, with the increase of dengue case in our area, I am getting paranoid already with my kids. Hope nobody catches it and no more cases to go.

I need to update my lists of  to do for this week as there will be some changes in my schedule. I hope I could go to the salon and have my haircut and if possible, try out this new eyebrow waxing that my friend has been bragging me about as the new feature that our favorite salon is offering, the last time I had my eyebrows fixed was during my college days and that was really painful because my gay friend trimmed it through plucking! ouch!

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