Doing The List

Still got a few more months before the Christmas and I am early preparing my wish lists. lol! There would be some old wishes on it that I have been patiently waiting for Santa to grant me. 😀 Oh well, I’m a very patient person so I could still wait a  few more months but not years again please. Ahaha. Early next week we’ll be heading to the mall to buy some stuffs, I am pretty sure that the barcode scanner on the cashier will be busy reading all of the items that we’ll gonna purchase, and I just hope that it scans well to avoid any mismatch on the prices of the items , not that it’s all costly but because those are grocery items. Ahaha! Seriously, we need to buy the little girl a school shoes AGAIN! it’s her 3rd shoes since the opening of classes. I don’t know how she walks in her shoes that it always give up on her. Some house stuffs and school supplies materials for the kids. s

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