Today, pay attention to the warmth of the sun, the gentle whisper of the wind, the fragrance of flowers, and even the good taste of your food and realize how good it is to be alive.

Just when I thought that things are not turning out the way it should be and shrugged it off just like that, comes the outpouring of another online blessings. I am also thankful to some dear online friends who were there ready to lend a helping hand.  Things offline are getting into me, physically exhausting though I am still able to catch up. I would just like to keep the positive thoughts and energy and pray a lot for God’s help and guidance. All I think as of this time is all for the sake of my family, especially my kids. I know I am not a perfect mom or wife and cannot please everybody but this is me and I don’t want to pretend to be someone else just to please other people.

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