WW- Dawn at the Beach


It’s been years since I set my foot in the calming sand of the beach. It is indeed an unexplainable feeling once you get to see the beauty of nature. There’s this refreshing and wonderful feeling that you get to renew just by merely looking at it. No amount of words can explain the joy that comes within you.  The cool and fresh wind touching your skin, the sound of the waves and water touching your feet… Nature has its way to connect us with the creator of this beauty.

Image taken @ Real, Quezon


2 thoughts on “WW- Dawn at the Beach

  1. You’re right…that is so calming and beautiful. It is very relaxing to view, and I hope that you are able to make it to a beach soon. Thank you for sharing, and Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Although we may have differing perspective, I just love looking at the sea. That feeling is calming and peaceful. I love the feeling of the sea breeze blowing through my face especially!

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