Lack of Sleep

Due to the almost 24 hours power interruptions we had the other night, there are many  pending tasks that I need to deal with last night. I only got 4 hours sleep hence the reason why I feel so exhausted and drowsy today.  Oh well, its just fine with me as today is Friday the last day of work and I can catch up some sleep over the weekend. But I made sure that eye cream for wrinkles is on my grocery lists of to buy this afternoon. I noticed that there are now few lines on my  eye area, maybe due to lack of sleep and stress too. Now that I am in my thirties and not getting any younger, I have to take care of my skin. Not that I am vain but we all do need to look presentable don’t we?! 😀 Got to take some vitamins for skin too. Hmmm.. and I need to be more strict on my schedule of things to do so I wont end up cramming and sleeping late at night.

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