Cheap Hotels

Traveling is a very enjoyable experience as you get to visit different places and nurture a memorable experience worthy to be treasured of. A world tour has been an ultimate dream for many, I myself wishes to visit different countries. If you go and visit Portland, you can find some Cheap Hotels , where they offer cheap rates that are very affordable and will fit into your budget. What’s good about this hotel is that is is very near to the air port and  helps arrange for a cab to pick you up and get you to your flight on time.

The hotel has a free Comcast High Speed Wireless Internet that you can enjoy and they offer lots of freebies like free local and toll free calls, free gourmet coffee, spacious and free use of amenities and appliances like refs and microwaves.

Portland Oregon Airport Motel and Weekly PDX Lodging offers 10% Discount on nightly stays, just call them at 97220-1489 (Fax) for inquiries regarding their rates and discounts. This hotel brings the comfort of your home when you’re away without giving you much headache and won’t hurt your pockets too. Enjoy your travel!

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