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Last year, my mom has been hospitalized twice and the first one was due to her Diabetes. We were all worried when the doctor told us that her blood sugar went up high which could lead to stroke. Thank goodness she was spared from it. The second one was due to a high blood pressure, it was a diabetes related thingy. The doctor advised her to live a healthy lifestyle to spare her going back and forth the hospital. I know how hard it is for a food lover like her, but we have no choice but help her go through a diet.

First thing we did was to make diet plans for her. Avoiding sweets, less salts, high fiber meals and moderate amounts of meat on her meals. She was also warned about her cholesterol level which is high too or she’ll get another prescription of Cholesterol Medicine from the doctor. We were looking into some natural ways of reducing her cholesterol and did saw that is the leading provider of cholesterol medicines the natural way. Good enough as it is natural so it won’t have any side effects on my moms health and will be sure enough to help her lower the cholesterol level. Cliche as it may sound, but health is wealth so we must do anything to take care of ourselves. After all, is for our own good and benefit.

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