I am now officially on my holiday mode. lol! Yesterday was my last day of work, glad that the bosses’ told that we’ll go back to work on January 4. So we’ll gonna have a straight 13 days vacation… Our very much awaited vacation! The past week was a very busy one for me.

  • December 18-was Gabby’s Christmas party, we tagged along the little boy and he did enjoy watching her big sister as she leads the prayer for children’s petition and a dance number to the tune of Nobody by Wonder Girls. Box of goodies and gifts arrived straight from Australia, kids were giddy happy seeing and unwrapping their gifts. They got this:

  • December 19-Woke up very early to laundry our clothes and finished some online tasks since I’ll be attending our Company’s first ever Christmas party in the evening. I was assigned to prepare Chicken macaroni salad, I asked DH to do it since I don’t know to make one. poor me! I was able to bring home some goodies and won an Asahi rice cooker in the raffle draw.
  • December 20- went to Shangrila and SM Megamall, went there as early as 10 a.m and went home around 5 p.m. yup, we stayed almost the entire day walking ang shopping around. Kids were really tired that the little boy get cranky and fell asleep as we were about to go home.

bought this one for our desktop, it was really very nice as it makes the table clutter free from wires and cables.

They ran around this nice toy soldier underneath the giant Christmas tree in Shangrila

And this one at the booth of humor post, they asked me to take a snap here: their smile here is really priceless!

  • December 21 and 22- still got to work om this date, but glad that our office hours is from 10-6 and Gabby and I went to my parents place in the morning and left her because she will be going w/ my sister’s husband to their office to get some Christmas gifts from his boss, I picked her up yesterday after office hours.

And today, I’m off to empty the laundry basket and had a general cleaning of our room and will try to finish some pending online tasks later..

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