4 Days To Go

And we will be welcoming the 2010! another year, another new experiences for us to share . Last December 24, we went to DH’s Aunt to greet them a merry Christmas and ate dinner that Lola Fely prepared and feasted on macaroni and fruit salad, kids got some cash gifts after from Tito Meo and Tito Jimmy . We saw this very nice house at Masambong Q.C

how was your Christmas? ours was spent with my family in Sampaloc, went there as early as 9 am and we waited for our Santa Claus Kuya to arrive. He arrived a minutes later and gave this to kids. Cash Gifts are to given to the young at hearts and everybody was at their happiest. feasted on foods that my mom had cooked and the boys drank some beers. Kids are usually at their hyper mood, playing with their gifts, toy guns and RC cars. Gabby on the other hand shared with Nicco’s rc car.

Cuusin Dwayne with his toy gun

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