On Hosting

I have been long contemplating if I am going to get hosting plans for my blogs but still skeptical since I still have a limited knowledge on how it works and go round. Still got to study and do some research on this as I don’t want to venture on things that I do not know. Been into blogging for more than a year now and I can say that it has given and open up a lot of things on me, being online the entire day led me to this wonderful world of blogging. I remember then how I started, I was browsing the net and so into social networks then and I stumble upon one of blogs I saw while researching on something and got amused and enjoyed reading her updates on her wedding then. The next thing I knew, I was into to it too and entitled mine as “My Life in this Wonderful World” been documenting my activities then on, that’s how this blog of mine started. I even set up another two focusing more into my online activities that initially led me into enjoying the online perks. Now, my brother is asking me if I could teach him as he wants to start his own blog. I told him that I will still search about adult web hosting since he wanted to post some adult contents on it because not all hosting companies do not allow one to be posted on their servers.

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