Friday Fillins # 146

1. So are we going out after office hours?

2. Shopping and grocery galore is what’s up ahead.

3. I love to sleep early tonight but I can’t, need to finish lots of things.

4. It’s confusing of some sort.

5. I walk a lot yesterday under the heat of the sun.

6. Happiness is the true elixir of life!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to staying up late because I need to finish online tasks, tomorrow my plans include review time w/ Gabby in preparation to their summative exam next week and Sunday, I want to sleep and relax a lot!

11 thoughts on “Friday Fillins # 146

  1. I totally agree with your #6. I would have loved to have gone to sleep early tonight. I did last night and didn't get to my Friday fill-ins till after I got home from work tonight.

    Mine are here.

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