Where Have I Been?!

Pardon for the lack of personal updates here. I was just around lurking at your blogs. Ahahaha. Oh well, I have been wasting time doing online window shopping. I have been drooling on too many goodies but only to be disappointed since I have no funds for purchasing those. But I hope Santa will be nice to me this Christmas.

The little girl is doing great in school now, The PTA meeting will be this Saturday and distribution of their report card too. We’ll see if she’s included again on the top ten list. She can now read faster though she still commits mistakes of pronouncing some words which I think is just fine at this time. I would always ask her to read aloud the instructions while we are doing her assignments, and her handwriting have improved a lot. I ask her to write in big and fat letters so it will be readable but she told me na ” di daw maganda yung ganon” She now writes in thin but readable letters though she kept on experimenting on her handwriting. paiba-iba ang sulat. ahaha.

Nicco, the little boy on the other hand is very talkative and speaks more clearly now, very inquisitive and hyper active! he would always walk with me in the morning as I go to the office, we will be waiting for Daddy( who went to send her Ate Gabby to school) to arrive near the jeepney stop to pick him up and goes back home. This weekend we’ll be going to my parent’s place again as my sister will be celebrating her 34th birthday. kids are excited to see their cousin again.

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