I have been into this blogging world for less than two years. I can say that I have learned so much from it, met a lot of so called ” online friends” that I could also say now as “real friends” stumbling upon one site to another, leading to different life stories, gossips, business, political, social networking sites, online stores and many more. I am now keeping up three blogs and its kinda hard maintaining those three. Feeding it up with updates on my online and offline activities. I am not complaining though since I am enjoying having them all and would love to add another one when I have my free time. LOL

I am still in the process of learning the in and outs of of my so called online world, there are too many issues that you need to deal with if you are into online activity, be it on blogging or online business. Keeping up your page rank is one thing that keeps the website owners wary about, some do resort on getting seo service to help hem out in getting a good position on the seo. This is a good idea since you will be given enough knowledge on where are you heading to. The services seo experts will guide you into reaching your SEO goals, helping you to reach many targeted readers thus increase in you sites traffic and increase on your sales altogether. There are just too many ways that you can try yourself but it would take a lot of your time doing the trial and error and might end on getting screwed up. The statusmediaplc.com is one good seo expert that you can put your trust into since they have been in the business for quite sometime now, they caters to all your needs and have given positive results. You could also try out on getting their help on ppc management, I am clueless on this one but have read and heard that many are earning from it.

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