A Flashback of Memories

I sound so sentimental these past few days and maybe its because I still have the hangover from our sort of reunion with my childhood friends last weekend. Who would not if it really feels so light and nostalgic as you bring back those happy memories of your childhood, makes you want to be child once again. It’s been quite awhile since we last saw each other because of our busy schedule. Good thing that our plans push through despite the limited time we have as one of our friend needs to go back to Taiwan for her scholarship.

We really had a blast, catching up on each others lives. there are just too many updates that we need to share and the highlight of course is the great conversation as we reminisce our childhood memories, good thing our friend was able to keep some of her collectibles and memorabilia since our childhood days. She was able to preserve those Dolls that we used to play when we were young, my daughter wanted to take the doll but I told her that it has a sentimental value to her god mother so she could not take it. Good memories are indeed a keepsake to cherish forever.

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