When It Rains It Pours!

… and I have experienced it all yesterday, all but misfortunes that is! I just hope that it won’t happen again or I’ll really loose my senses. First, I wasn’t able to grab opps online, and so it means less earning for me. Second, the money that I have long been waiting for might not get into my hands again, before it got reversed and now it seems like slipping again from me. What actually happened is that I asked a favor from my office mate if I could transfer my paypal funds to her account and I’m glad she was very kind to accommodate my request. It took a week to reflect on her account, come yesterday after office hours, she withdrawn the money in a nearby atm machine and I waited outside the atm booth, but to my surprise she told me that the money was eaten up by the atm machine. She immediately filed a complaint and the bank officer told her that it would took 2 days to reflect on her account again. There is nothing we could do but wait, just this morning she told me that the atm got lost, she couldn’t remember how it happened. Can you see how unlucky I am?! I don’t blame her for what happened because I know that nobody wants to engage in a complicated situation. And I was the one who asked the favor from her. She have already reported it and will file a request for a new card and will have to withdraw the money over the counter tomorrow. *crossing my fingers” hope that tomorrow everything will turn out fine. I badly need the money eh.

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