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It’s been freakin’ cold since first week of January. As a result, Gabby catches colds and cough while Nicco had his asthma attacks. Just two nights ago, we were so worried of him as we weren’t able to borrow my brothers’ nebulizer. He was really uncomfortable and had difficulty breathing, Ian and I didn’t get the chance to sleep the whole night. Good thing that hubby were able to borrow a nebulizer the next day to our neighbor who has a grandson who happens to be asthmatic too. We’ll definitely buy one for the little boy. We’ve been planning to buy him nebulizer when he was only one, but didn’t pursue as we thought he wouldn’t use it since he didn’t get attacks for a year and is fine not until after Christmas wherein his asthma is active again.

As for the litlle girl, they had their 3rd summative tests last Monday. Next week will be their 3rd quarter exams. On January 22, will gonna be their educational field trip. This time I will be the one to accompany her ;).

here are the places to visit:

  • Lucky Me
  • Tagtytay (Animal Zoo)
  • Lunch will be at picnic groove
  • Museong Pambata (Science Centrum)
  • Star City (ride all-U-can)
I was the one whose more excited in this field trip as its been ten years ago sine I’ve been in tagaytay! LOL!

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