Quickie Post

I have so many things to blog about but I am not yet on my *blogging mode*. I guess because I am already looking forward into the *holiday mode*. Yeah, I was so disappointed when our boss told us that our work schedule is until December 23. I was expecting that we were just until friday na lang. Or was it because we haven’t received our Christmas bonus yet?! Bwahaha. Ok! Ok! Ok! I admit it’s one of the reason why. I haven’t bought any gifts and new dress for the kiddos yet. Well, not until Tuesday I think.

Gabby will be having their Christmas party on Friday, too bad I won’t be present again to witness her on stage. Hubby will be the one to accompany her together with my brother who will took photos during the entire program. The little girl is so excited that she had asked me to try and put on the dress the she’ll wear on the program. I have taken that on my mobile phone. Oh, I have tons of pictures that are badly needed to be uploaded. Hope I can find and get my mood back so that I can share it here. haay, Hope we’ll get our 13th moth pay and bonus on friday! if not, sa tuesday pa.

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