Happy Friday!

I am about to make an entry for my “The Week That Was” but my hands are so full right with lots of deadlines to meet here at the office since our work schedule is up until Tuesday only. (will try to do it by tomorrow) We still have to go back on the 29th to have a general cleaning. hmm. I wonder what it is to clean here? anyway, work sched. will resume on January 5th on next year. That’s why I am too excited on my *holiday mode* LOL. There are many activities and events to attend too. I hope and I will do my best to allot time to update both of my blogs as not to forget to grab some online assignments too. Need to replenish for the holiday expenses. hee. We are hoping to receive our 13th month pay and bonus today *crossing fingers*. So that will have a shopping spree for kiddos dresss and gifts. ( Oh how I miss to shop around!) 😉

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