My Christmas Wishlists

I hope Santa won’t forget to include THESE on that long lists of gifts to be delivered on Christmas day. hee.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking of what gifts to give Nicco since Gabby will be having her laptop toy this christmas. Nicco is fond of playing cars and balls. But I saw a robot toy which is I think will make him happy and surely be amused of the features that this robot toy can do! As for the husband, I knew he loves to have a bracelet or new necklace, a new running shoes will do too! well, we’ll see what will the budget permits me to buy for them. hahaha, just hope that christmas bonus will be released early so that I will have more time to go around and find affordable goodies too for my friends and god children. Christmas season comes only once in a year and the only time where we can truly enjoy and felt the spirit of giving.

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