Goodbye Quiapo…

Photo above has been my favorite part of the house in Quiapo. I’ve lived and basically grew up there, spent 17 years in this house with full of happy and sad memories; just like being in love and brokenhearted, one has to leave and move on…  I remember how it breaks my heart and a heavy feeling when I left the place and transferred to Mandaluyong.

Now, time has come that my parents will be totally moving out there. No matter how “bulok” it is, still it has created an impact on who I am right now, the memories of our stay there will be forever remembered and cherished. I am a totally “batang Quiapo” but not a madurukot huh?! hehehe.

I graduated from Quiapo Parochial School- elementary and high school. It was run by the Sisters of St. Paul then, I remember how our principal would always regard us as the Paulinians. Oh diba?! and even sings the Paulinian hymn.. “Hark sons and daughters of St. Paul”  But Quiapo Pachial School had to change its name into  Black Nazarene when something controversial happened ( i guess)  after I graduated there and is now under the administration of the Quiapo Church and no longer handled by the sisters of St. Paul.

Sabi nga nila, Quiapo daw is the counterpart of Tondo. I know, many stories has been said about Quiapo, the famous movie of late Fernando Poe Jr. and Maricel Soriano. If you want low priced cameras, just look for Hidalgo street near the Quiapo Church and beside the church are those vendors selling herbal medicines.. Oh well, I remember before I was pregnant with gabby as SH and I were passing by the quiapo church, one vendor approached me and said ” Ma’m CYTOTEC ka? ” I was like, “Hellllo??? Mukha ba akong magpapalaglag sa laki ng tiyan ko? I was eight mos. pregnant then. Ian couldn’t help but laugh out. And the ever famous line whenever you pass by the Muslim area in Barbosa street, “Dibidi, dibidi, dibidi” .

And this I will truly miss every year…

” Fiesta alay sa Mahal na Poon ng Nazareno”

But we will still be present there every year in devotion to the black Nazarene… No matter what happens. Quiapo will always be forever in my heart.

Image of Black Nazarene from Google.

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