On Halloween Costumes

This week is Gabby’s first summative exams and when she asked me to read her assignment notebook, there was note from her teacher that there will be a PTA meeting by next month and one of the things to be discussed is about their costumes to be worn on their Halloween party. Yes, as early as August all details about the programs are to be discuss already to avoid any delays most especially on Halloween costume safety which is very delicate due to props to be used and so forth including Christmas party and others. On their last year’s party, her Halloween costume is so boring because I wasn’t able to reserve the cutest one for her. This time she wanted a princess costume and a pink one to be specific. ahahaha. My daughter really do love princess stories nowadays.

I am now eyeing on this two princess costumes that I have found on

Gabby was so giggly as she saw this cute pink costume that comes with a tiara. She told me that this will look good on her. Good thing that it was on long sleeves because it is cold in their performance hall.
But i also like this blue Cinderella costume for her, The fluffy lower part really gives this dress a princess look. and this will perfectly suits Gabby well if it is to be paired with this

Cinderella wig… perfect right?!


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