The weekend I had

Last Saturday, I was able to accomplish overdue tasks at home.
I woke up at 5:30 a.m just to be able to get done with this one..

Oh my this has always been the scenario every Saturday morning..

was able to burn on CD the nursery rhymes for the little girl. thanks to Geneive and Gia for doing this one… As gabby told me that she weren’t able to sing last Friday because each one of them has to bring their own.

And during the whole time last week, i was really pissed off whenever i am sending and receiving text messages from my cellphone because a multimedia message keeps on coming in at my outbox and my battery easily runs only for a couple of hours though it’s been fully charged. Have it checked out over the weekend and found out that it contains a virus according to the technician. And it came from the memory card… I remember i had it connected to our computer at home when i transferred the photos to my usb flash drive.

Was able to reformat the phone but still, the “multimedia message keeps on coming in at my outbox. what could have been the problem this time? Ay susme… Di naman nireformat nung technician yung memory card ko! will go back and have it reformat again… haay…


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