On Being a Mom

A question from Vannie.

Question: What I love most about being a mom.

Despite the messy and cluttered toys all over the room, the stress and problems associated with everyday circumstances –
  • I’ve felt that a sense of emptiness inside me was filled in when I became mom.
  • I love getting pure and innocent sweet gestures from my children.
  • I love to hear when Gabby says “Mama, mahal na mahal kita” as in with matching beautiful eyes and kiss pa.
  • I love to hear when Nicco shouts “Mamaaaaa.. ” whenever I arrive at home from work. You could see the pure excitement in his eyes.
  • I love learning with them as i teach Gabby to do her assignments, I almost forgot the uses of the prepositions”At, In, On” not until Gabby illustrated to me those meanings.
  • I love those bonding time moments- group kiss, group hug, chit chats before we sleep.
  • I get to have a good massage from Ian, Gabby and Nicco whenever I needed one. Gabby will ask, “you’re tired mama? masahe ka namin gusto mo?”
  • I am Happy that I am raising a very lovable and bright kids with hubby’s help, I feel so proud that he’s a hands on daddy to our children.
  • Indeed, the essence of a woman is by becoming a mother. I am proud and happy being a mom.
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