My kinder 1 student

All is set for little girl’s school things this coming June 15. she is already excited as she thought that she will be going to school this morning. We told her that she still got a week before her classes starts. her class sched. is 7:30 am – 10:30 a.m.

We got her low cut bootsie boots at only P300.00 from the original P800.00 price of Minnie Mouse’s Disney shoe collection at Robinson’s Pioneer.
she wanted to have boots this time as her school shoes.

Was able to put plastic cover on her books last friday, notebooks left uncover yet as I need to get the subjects and put numberings to label it.

Good thing that she still have spare crayons and unused water colors last year that she can still use this time. her school materials only costs less that P500.00 bucks.

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