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I’m so used in wearing my ever reliable eyeglasses, I have been wearing one since I was in Grade 6. I had a 250 grade back then and now it goes up to 550! but then wearing eyeglasses had created a “nerd” impression in me. They thought that i was so serious and “masungit”. And wearing eyeglasses on special occasions was so absurd, imagine me during my JS PROM in high school wearing my baby blue gown and my so out-fashioned eyeglasses then.

After college, I decided to try contacts. But wearing one is so time consuming, and my eyes would easily gets tired and itchy after wearing it for a couple of hours not to mention that it’s so uncomfortable since I am always in front of the computer. And so i resorted to wearing my eyeglasses again but i still do have my contacts just for” special occasion” use only! HAHAHA!

Just this morning when I checked on my contacts, I found out that It was already broken. I wasn’t able to clean it kasi for quite sometime! ahehehe. Well, I think I need to undergo Laser eye treatment in the near future. That is if i have enough budget by then! hahaha!

Here are some pointers in wearing Contact lenses:

  • Always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses and dry your hands with a lint-free towel/tissue before touching your lenses. Clearer soaps are better since they contain less lanolin that can smear the contact lens surface. Avoid liquid soaps. Pears is the best.

  • All traces of soap, perfumes, hair sprays, creams and lotions should be removed from your hands and around the eyes.

  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean – long fingernails can tear or split contact lenses.

  • Avoid picking up lenses with your fingernails – they can only be held safely between the fingertips or with soft plastic tipped tweezers specially designed for contact lenses.

  • Do not touch your lenses with sharp, pointed objects (fingernails, pens, etc).

  • Make sure lenses do not get caught on the edge of storage cases. Tapping the lens case on the table before screwing the top on will help completely submerse the contact lenses in solution.

  • Never allow lenses to dry out and never try to insert them when they are in a dehydrated state.

  • Do not use the lens if the pack is open or damaged.

  • Never use expired lenses or solutions.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Discontinue lens wear if you experience persistent discomfort, redness or blurred vision and consult your practitioner.

  • Lenses may become contaminated if worn in swimming pools or saunas.

  • Unless advised by your practitioner, lenses should not be worn while sleeping.

  • Extended wear lenses for overnight wear require special instructions from your practitioner.

  • Lenses must be stored wet. If they dry out, soak lenses in saline or soaking solution for one hour until they return to a soft state. Then clean and disinfect as normal before using again.

  • It is not advisable to wear lenses during periods of illness such as colds, influenza etc.

  • Always use fresh solution. Do not use expired solutions/re-wetting eye drops/tear lubricants.

  • Discard the lenses as recommended by your practitioner.

  • Remove lenses before using medicated eye drops, undergoing surgery or anaesthesia.

  • While wearing lenses, do not use any eye drops other than those, which your practitioner may recommend. Consult your eye care practitioner if in doubt.

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