The Alphabet tag once again!

Tagged here by abie! thank you sis. I think I’ve done this before. But tag is lovelier the second time around! bwahahaha!

Rule #1: Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate letter of the alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an “A,” you’d replace the link under that letter and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.

Replaced link: My Planet Purple Previous tagger: My Planet Purple

Rule #2: You now have to “tag” at least five people and encourage them to participate. Remember, though, that not everyone is into these kinds of things, so don’t be upset if they don’t participate. Just simply replace your tag. Remember to tag blogs only and no pornographic ones as we do want to keep the integrity as a blogging community.

Tagging: Wheng, Jesse, Nancy, Andrea, Tet.

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