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Here’s more about ME.

I AM… Simple and happy! :D

I WANT… a laptop!

I HAVE… a happy family! 🙂

I WISH…I had no stretch marks. (likewise Jane!) 🙁

I HATE… people who are too proud!

I FEAR… every time someone on my family gets sick.

I SEARCH… for anything worth reading on the net. minsan, chismis din! hahaha!

I WONDER… if I’m a SAHM Mom. Siguro, Our room is aways clean..

I REGRET… not being able to take up Law! Di sana Lawyer na ako ngayon! LOL!

I LOVE… My Family!

I ALWAYS… surf the net!

I AM NOT… into cooking.. Luckily, Ian loves to cook!

I DANCE… really bad. :D (parehas tayo jane!)

I SING… well. I do enjoy singing. :D

I CRY… easily. I’m a cry baby!

I WRITE… our grocery list! makalilimutin ako eh! kahit nga may list minsan di ko pa din nabibili! nyahahaha!

I WON…P90,000 in 4-digit LOTTO, i think 7 years ago! Ay, Nanay ko pala! ako lang nagclaim. Bwahahaha!

I AM CONFUSED…Whenever things are not organized! ayoko ng magulo! di ako makapag isip!

I NEED… a lot of Sleep! nyahahaha!

I SHOULD… go on a diet! (No questions please!)

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… To thank and ask for God’s blessings, for tomorrow is another day!

What about you Tet, Andrea, Skylle.

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