Holy week sched.

I’m now done with my late task of posting tags and awards LOL! sorry for not being able to blog hop this past few days, am just kinda busy with some things as holy days are coming. need to finish it all to have a great vacation! (as if naman may vacation getaway kami! Bwahahaha!) will just have to stay home (Quiapo), will just do visita iglesia on thursday! watch the Black Nazarene as it will have its station of the cross on Friday! (We’re very lucky because the Black Nazarene passes by in front of our house!) For sure there will be a lot of people just like during it’s feast day every January 9. then hear mass on Easter Sunday! ( Hope we could make it to the Salubong!) and do some blogging, still have to posts the photos from Gabby’s graduation.

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