Gabby on TOP TEN

Just 5 minutes ago, I receive a call from Ian telling me that Gabby is one of the Top Ten students from their class! I feel oh so proud of my daughter! and to think she’s the youngest among her class. She’ll be turning 4 this April. I remember having second thoughts of enrolling her at an early age(she just turned 3 when we enroll her at a school where my husband used to study in his nursery grade!) because she might get tired of schooling. But then, It was my FIL (who just died last November 15) who’s very fond of Gabby and even persistent of finding a school for her. Oh my! if He’s only with us he’ll also be proud of her apo! anyway, I know wherever he is right now he’s smiling as if telling us ” mana talaga sa akin apo ko”. I think We’ll give her a reward for being on top ten… Maybe a treat on her favorite spaghetti and donuts! A PINK DONUTS to be exact… Yesterday after i got home at around 5:45 p.m she was so surprised of seing me at an eary time, I used to reach home past six kasi. ALso because, Maliwanag pa ng dumating ako. here goes our conversation:

Gabby: “Mamaaaah”… ang aga mo umuwi ah! hindi pa gabi oh, tignan mo sa labas maliwanag.
Mama : Oo ‘nak. Walang trapik eh.
Gabby: Wala ka na Ofis?
Mama: Oo. tapos na!
Gabby: Nakasagot ka ba sa Ofis mo?! nabigyan ka ba ng star ng Boss Mo?! let me see your star?!
Ian was so amused on hearing her daughter! …. LOL!

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