Swimwear for modest women

Summer is here, and so are the annual beach trips. Be swim-ready this summer and invest in high-quality swimsuits with a diverse array of designs to choose from! Most online shops that sell swimwear normally have the typical two-piece, one-piece bikini suits. It’s important to include women who dress modestly in these kinds of spaces. Swimwear must be comfortable for the wearer.

A Burkini swimsuit is a great option for those who dress modestly. A burkini is a pun on the words’ burqa and bikini. A burqa is a type of body and head covering worn in public by Islamic women. The torso is covered with the swimsuit, leaving only the face, hands, and feet exposed. 

Kaftans are also great for modest beach swimwear, as they are long robes that reach your ankle. They are chic, fashionable, and most of all comfortable on a hot summer day at the beach. Sarong skirts are also another way to be comfortably stylish for modest women. It is a below the knee skirt perfect for mix-and-matching tops you already own. 

Lyra Swims sells all of the aforementioned products, and more, with affordable prices! They have a wide range of designs, styles, and sizes inclusive of everyone. The company also has a campaign promoting fitness through swimming. Their brand is a testament to the revolutionization  of inclusivity in swimwear and the benefits that people get from it. Lyra Swims isn’t just a company that sells, it is also a movement encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin through swimwear that suits their lifestyle.

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