What to Know Before Moving to Toronto

Quarantine has stripped us of the privilege of going outside. Having to stay at home made these trying times tougher than it already is. Pre-COVID, everyone just went outside and went wherever they wanted to go. Looking back, it felt strange seeing people from different places get together in a random location. It’s been two years, but travelling felt like a dream.

There are so many great spots closed off due to lockdown. Around the world, there were 1 billion fewer international tourist arrivals. People had no choice but to stay at home and follow the protocols. Luckily, there were improvements in other places. COVID-19 cases were decreasing in some countries, and soon enough, people could go outside.

Memories of walking through beautiful sceneries are nostalgic. The smell of salty air on a beach. A park’s cold breeze in the morning. These are all familiar places we could be in right now. As a child, I’ve always wanted to travel around the world. Paris, Japan, Greece, and all the other countries too many to mention. There’s just something extraordinary in knowing that there are thousands of places you can go to and explore.

One of the places I like going to are museums. History lingers in every piece of art being preserved there. Speaking of museums, the specific museum I’ve been meaning to go to is The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, Canada. It has a reputation for having an outstanding collection of international culture and history from different periods of time all over the world. Its appearance looks very modern, too. The building itself has sharp, geometric angles that suits the museum’s creativity and elegance.

CN Tower, Toronto Canada (photo from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CN_Tower

Since we’re here talking about Toronto, I just can’t not include the CN Tower. Standing at 553 meters, the observation areas in the tower must be striking. Imagine being there and seeing all the scenery atop the CN. Plus, it is said that the tower is a famous landmark, since it can be seen from anywhere in Ontario. Seeing a city in the night must be great. All the different lights; headlights, stoplights, signs, and the ones from buildings— they look like giant glitter scattered across a cityscape. I am really keen to looking homes for sale in Toronto and would to settle there. Who knows our future!

Moving to a place like Toronto is like a home away from home! Since I’ve been used to living the city lights and the fast moving phase of the city life, I knew it is a great place where things are pretty much the same, only the weather I think is the thing I need to adjust on as they have the four distinct season and I am only used to either rain or shine! 🙂

This is another thing I miss about travelling. Seeing normal things and romanticizing them in my head. It’s different when you’re in another place, because it’s like seeing everything for the first time. Say, you’re in Korea. You’re in a great part of town, and the sunset is all gold and oranges. When you look back, you won’t just remember a sunset. You’ll think, “I saw a beautiful Korean sunset when I visited years ago.”

Roughly 10 years ago, my family and I went to a famous aquarium in our country. It was a great outing, and I had developed an interest in marine life. Sadly, things got busy and I never got to visit an aquarium again. Going back to Toronto (I really want to visit there), there is a famous aquarium called Ripley’s Aquarium. The place is famous for an underwater tunnel with a moving sidewalk. There are literally fish everywhere, behind a glass. It must be a surreal experience.

There are so many places I want to go to. Yet here I am, stuck at home, sitting in front of a screen and writing my longing away. I swear, when this pandemic ends and everyone and everything is safe again, I will pack my bags and fly out somewhere. Being stuck at home made me regret not going out and exploring more. So when the day comes and the world is back to normal, I will cherish every moment that I spend walking outside.

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