New Year, New Look

Welcome 2020! So what’s your new year’s resolution? Well, I am not the type of person who’s into having a resolution list. But as the year starts ahead, we all do want to start fresh, anew and on a clean slate right?!

One of the best way to start is keeping oneself healthy, shed off some pounds and making self more beautiful! Not necessary going under the knife, but making myself more presentable. That’s one of the things that I think I have missed doing the past years. I am used to just wearing jeans, shirt and rubber shoes to work. No make ups, no hair styling. In short, just a boring usual me. haha

Now, I wanted to ensure to prep up and be more presentable. I want to try out new hairstyle, new outfits and putting up some makeups! I missed adding up colors to my pale face. Haha!

Been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials from make up gurus. She has been raving on jaclyn hill morphe palette and Huda Beauty Palette 

I actually love the color combination of this lovely palette. It has the neutral and some bright colors that can be used for different events

These 39 super-pigmented shades create your ultimate color wheel. Create some party magic with four rows of the perfect color combos and a row of super-sized transition shades. Be your own muse. We dare you. #DareToCreate
The sigma Make Me Essential Kit is specially designed for professional makeup application. 

The above professional makeup brushes is the prefect pair for the palette. I love that is a one stop shop for beauty needs for your eyes, face and lips. Perfect for newbie an professional make up junkie! They almost got you covered from high end brands and cheap makeups but is of quality made and can even comes close and compete with the high end ones,

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