A Simple Wedding

Every woman dream of having a grand wedding of course. With all the glitters and magic of it brings… Beautiful gown, lovely set up, church wedding and fabulous wedding party after with bountiful flowers, lots of foods and having all your loved ones and friends witnessing one of the important highlight in your life… But we all do have to face the reality of life that not everyone can afford to have the fairy tale wedding. There are a lot of factors that one has to consider before tying the knot.

Preparation is the key important thing to keep in mind. One can still achieve their necessary dream wedding with enough time and planning to ensure proper things will fall into their places.

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What are the key factors to keep in handy in preparation for you big day.

  1. Venue. One has to properly choose the right place and also keep note on the number of people to accommodate. The viability of destination, is it accessible to most of guests? Does it cover the right facilities that you need for the event?
  2. Food. You don’t want to starve yourself and your visitors on the big day. So it is but just to choose a sumptuous meal that will fill and enjoy the tummies of everyone.
  3. Motif. Choose the right color, theme which will signify or highlight your wedding day. This will usually show the personality of the couple.
  4. Dresses. From your wedding gown to choosing the right and proper dusk bridesmaid dresses for your girl squad!
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  1. Host. Nowadays, it is but essential to get a good host and a proper program ensure proper execution of from wedding down to after party. This will also helps you out avoid getting stressed out to have someone entertain guests.

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