A Great Platform For Filipino Freelancer

In this age of modern day technology, finding a job has taken its toll on a new level. Job seekers have now different options to choose from between going to a company like the usual way of applying or going through an application process or recruitment where one has to go physically line up to submit a resume, take examination and a face-to-face interview with the boss.

The easiest and convenient way nowadays is to go online and do all the process above in just a few clicks away. Less hassle and saves your time, money and effort ( no traffic, saves your fare expenses and most of all, your time! a few hours you can spend more for a quality time with family)

Filipino skills are very competitive, world class if I may say when it comes to work ethics. A great platform is at Rakuboss.ph wherein a multifaceted Filipino skills marketplace that supports freelancers from any business sector within the Philippines.

How Doe Rakuboss works? Check details below.

For Freelancers

  • Post A Sideline
  • Organize Requests And Sideline
  • Manage Your Earnings

For Clients

  • Post A Request
  • Find Freelancers And Services
  • Manage Requests And Purchases
  • Save Your Favorites

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