Install a Garage Floor Perfect for Cold Climates

Not every type of garage flooring is great for areas that are hit with wide temperature fluctuations and heavy snow or ice during the winter. Epoxy is a material that forms a solid bond with the concrete and can withstand the temperature variances and moisture levels of a Chicago winter.

Cold Climates and Snow or Ice

Cold climates like that experienced by Chicago residents bring winters that are filled with falling temperatures, snow, and ice. This moisture ends up being brought in onto your garage floor. Many garages are unheated. The ice and snow initially melting can refreeze and make it a dangerous surface to walk on.

The Beating Concrete Takes In Cold, Wet Weather

Any crack that develops in your garage floor is an area of weakness that will lead to larger areas of damage. As moisture enters the cracks and the temperatures fluctuate the water will freeze and thaw in a daily cycle. Each time it freezes it forces the crack to become wider. Water soaking into the concrete will begin to degrade the material.

How Epoxy Seals Moisture Out

Epoxy is installed a floor-wide layer of material that hardens into a surface that is both durable and waterproof. You will feel more confident that the bonding between the epoxy and concrete is tough enough to withstand years of service in the coldest and snowiest winter conditions. Add the garage floor coating Chicago homeowners need for a longer-lasting surface.

Enjoy a Cleaner, Beautiful Looking Garage Floor for All Seasons

The epoxy surface you have installed is a breeze to keep clean. It will always look and feel cleaner and retain the original beauty of the design and colors of your choice. It’s a comfortable garage floor surface to use any time and season of the year.

You have a surface material available that is quick to install, affordable and is designed to provide better than average protection from cold and wet climates. It’s the perfect choice for areas like Chicago.

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