5 Things You Need to Make Business Check Payments Much Easier

For business big and small, there are many people who need to be kept satisfied. Customer satisfaction is not all it takes for a business to be successful. Employees need to be happy for the workspace to be pleasant. Vendors need to be kept happy for work to continue smoothly. To keep your vendors happy, you need to keep making payments on time.

Handing vendors checks are the easiest ways of paying them off. You do not have to head to the bank to replenish your checks.Set up your own system of getting checks printed to cut down on costs. Here are a few things you will need to start handing out checks to your vendors from your office.


The first thing you need to get checks printed is a printer. You might be using an office printer for printing all kinds of paperwork in the office. If you are going to print a few sporadic checks now and then, using any printer is fine. But if you are planning to print more than just a handful of checks, get a separate printer.

Having a separate printer allows a streamlined process of printing checks. You do not have to worry about the printer running out of ink when you desperately need to get a check printed. A dedicated printer means that you no longer have to wait for others to get done with their prints.


QuickBooks by Intuit is the best accounting software that is popularly used by businesses. There is many accounting software on the market. The reason why QuickBooks is so popular is that of the variety of functions that the software offers. With the help of QuickBooks, you can keep track of vendor payments. QuickBooks comes with various check formats. You need to select the correct format and print the check.

Check Paper

Printing a check on a regular piece of paper does not get the job done. You need to have the right kind of paper to print a check that can be cashed. There are many formats in which a check paper can get printed. If you are going to print your checks using QuickBooks then you need to order compatible check paper.

Many websites offer check printing services. You need to select such a website, select the format of check paper and place the order.


Once you get the check papers delivered you are ready to print your checks. Using the QuickBooks software, print the check in the format you desire. But that is not enough. For the check to get cash it needs to get authorised. You need to buy a custom check stamp for businesses which authorise the checks.


Finally, your check is ready to get chased after you stamp it. Before handing it to your vendor, put it in an envelope. Printed envelopes with your business name, address and logo are kind of envelop you need. Handing a check without putting it in an envelope is unprofessional. You may need to send the check via post, which cannot be done without an envelope.

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