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The hype of internet and gadgets are taking its’ toll in our lives. It is very hard to keep a limit of time to spend browsing on our smartphones. We tried our best to give the kids a  limit schedule on weekdays, but they can go and spend a lot more on weekends when there are no assignment or exams.

We also make it a point to have a family time without any gadgets on! We play game boards like scrabble, millionaire’s game,  snake and ladders and the likes. Our favorite of course is playing Bingo!

This was a Christmas gift to my daughter from his godparents a few years ago.

We love that it has the roulette were you get to fill and roll on to ensure that the ball numbers can be randomly picked. Unlike the usual shaker and chip type like numbers. Of course, who would never be amuse with the distinct style and way of playing the bingo  when a dealer gets to pick and declares a drawn number.  Its humorous way is giving each number a corresponding brand or meaning. For example, When a dealer gets to pick the number ” 13″ He or she would shout ” From the letter B, “unlucky” (as hint of the number he would be declaring). Then puts other branding on numbers that makes it more fun to play. Haha!

But due to its’ great interest to many as we also need to adapt to the fast changing environment on technology, Bingo has evolved from the typical and usual way of playing it as above. There are now online versions as well!

There goes the birth of online games, where we get to enjoy playing the usual games digitally at the comfort of our home and at the tip of our fingertips tapping our devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops and other gadgets!

Playing online bingo  gives you the same way of enjoyment as you do it the old fashion way. Much easier as you can do it on your devices. What’s also nice is that there are many other options of games that you get to choose from, so you won’t get bored with the same game all over again. You get to choose different categories like games, sports, news, casino, slots, etc. So the more games you play, more chances of winning! Great isn’t it?

You can check out BoomtownBingo, a community for online gaming that will definitely satisfy the gamer in you.


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