Finding the Perfect Family Car

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We are a family of four. Travelling I believe is an essential part of each and every family’s journey. I remember how challenging it is going places when you have toddler kids in tow. It really puts your patience on test to the Nth level.

I remember going on a 6 hour drive to a province where we have to attend a family reunion. We were on a van and I think we are 15 people on it, including of our 4  and 2 years children then. Imagine the inconvenience when kids throwing in their tantrums while on the road trip.   No matter how we made sure to keep things planned ahead with all the lists of to bring like their foods, clothing, toys,etc. Nothing beats having all the spaces all for yourselves right?!

So off our adventure of  finding the perfect family car. Good thing  offers wide range of brands to choose from that will perfectly fit your needs and budget.   What are the factors to consider?

  1. Size and Space. We need an ample size that can fit or travel essentials specially when going for long travel like, chest for foods, luggage and other what knots!  Enough space for the four of us, especially for kids who are sleepy heads during travel.
  2. Safety. Car is like your second home away from home. So make sure that it passes the quality tests as approved by the guidelines. Enough driving safety feature tools like seat belts,   baby carriers for cars, air balloons, etc.
  3. Budget. It doesn’t really have to cost you a fortune to get your wheels.  With all the factors covering up above, there are a lot of brands that you can choose from that won’t really break your budget.

Proper research and  taking into considerations what your family really needs will definitely lead you to finding the best car that fits your family.

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