Super Ideas for Fun Prom Nights

The senior year in High School is an exciting time. One of the most memorable events of the senior year is the senior prom. Students can spend months making plans and assembling groups for parties. As a parent, you can be much more than a bystander. Engage in the planning process where appropriate and offer ideas that can realistically materialize. Follow these recommendations from the professional party planners to help ensure your student’s prom experience is both positive and safe.
Aside from selecting a date and injecting some creativity into the process of asking, the dinner preceding the prom seems to get a lot of attention. Consider teaming with several other parents and hosting a prom dinner at your home. Students will be in a safe environment and relish at the site of parents serving dinner to a group of students in tuxedoes and gowns. This can also be a fantastic backdrop for those famous prom pictures. Be sure to encourage your student to be as inclusive as possible with the guest list. No student wants to be left out of the pre-prom festivities. Have them leave petty differences aside.
At the conclusion of a fun filled dinner and copious amounts of photos from the parental paparazzi, surprise your student with a stylish ride to the prom venue. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and arrange for a party bus to take the gang to the prom from the array of options available through Enterprise Rent A Car. This will make the event not only more memorable, but safe as well. Team up with several parents to spread the cost. Between the purchase of a gown, or tux rental, flower and dinner, costs can easily be prohibitive.
If the budget allows, consider having the part bus drop these prom revelers off at their respective homes at the end of the evening. You’ll rest well knowing they all arrived at the prom and returned home without incident. Best of luck to you in helping plan an amazing prom experience your student will remember for years to come!

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