6 Ways to Use Casters Around the House

If you think casters are only used in restaurants and libraries, think again! There are plenty of things in your home that can be improved with increased mobility, and here are just six of them.

1. Toolboxes

Are you tired of lugging your toolbox around the house for home improvement projects? Or maybe you just hate the constant trek back and forth in your garage. Whatever the reason for your weariness, toolbox casters can reduce your back-breaking efforts.

2. Desks

A mobile desk has many uses. For example, if you love to watch the sunrise in the morning but hate the glare it gives your screen by mid-afternoon, you can put casters on your desk and simply move it to a new spot in your office whenever you want. If you share your desk with someone else in your household, a mobile desk is also more easily transported between rooms.

3. Chairs

Once you’ve mobilized your desk, it’s time to mobilize your chair, too. Not only will you improve its ergonomics and reduce back pain during long stretches of pouring over textbooks and work documents, but you’ll also do less damage to your floor, too.

4. Laundry Baskets

You’ve probably seen them on large, industrial hotel laundry baskets, but many people fail to realize that casters can be attached to everyday laundry baskets, too. Say goodbye to hauling heavy loads of wet clothes around the house!

5. Luggage

Most luggage already comes with wheels, but what if yours doesn’t? It’s the simplest thing in the world to add a few wheels to your bag, and it’s a lot cheaper, too. Instead of buying a whole new bag, you’ll just need to buy a few casters.

6. Carts

If you have a large kitchen, wheeled carts can really reduce the chaos of cooking a big meal and having a dozen things that need your attention all at once. For example, you can use a cart for both cutting meats and organizing spices, and then you can wheel it towards the stove or back to the fridge as need be.

These are just a few ways to use casters around your home. As you can see, the sky is the limit, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Casters are so easy to add and remove that you can put everything in your home on wheels at least once!

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