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As a working mom, I juggle a lot of tasks in hand. So imagine how hectic a day it is for me. I start early at around 4 am. Yup, that early as I need to attend to my kids’ needs and help them prepare as they need to be in school before 7 am. I, on the other hand should be in the office around eight in the morning! Since we don’t wear office unform, I usually go for the casual office fashion. This really works for me very well as I don’t have time to prepare for complicated outfit. 7a64287f1dd83ff258108db19aedb06e My OOTD usually comprises of blouse,slacks, cardigan, pearl accessories, my black bag and comfy flat shoes! This goes well ad my job entails a lot of going out of the office transactions like going to different government offices, banks and paying a visit to our suppliers and cuastomer for product updates. Another thing to add up on my day to day essentials that boost up my confidence are these intimate wash from Priva.



The first cooling wash that has Revitacool, a special ingredient that leaves a tangible cooling effect. They got two special variants;

Priva Skin Lightening & Cooling. My favorite one as it has glutathione and strawberry extracts that are effective in lightening dark areas of the skin.

Priva Skin Firming & Cooling is formulated w/ collagen, a firming ingredient and natural extracts of Kwao Krua, a herbal root found in Thailand, That helps improve elasticity and firmness.

You will noticed and see results in six weeks!

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