Super Typhoon Yolanda

Last Friday, November 8. My officemates and I were glued via the internet watching and reading the updates about the super typhoon Yolanda  with an international name of Haiyan creating havoc in the Visayas part of our country. It did made several landfalls in different areas and it was so scary to see the situation. The first thing I was able to see was the storm surge being covered by a news reporter (Atom Araullo), and it seems more like a Tsunami by the way things are going.

Classes were suspended in Metro Manila (It was Signal # 2), but there was no work suspension for us. So off I did report to work. There was only light to moderate rains in the Metro the whole afternoon, but it rained hard later in the evening and I was really glad that I was already home by then. The whistling of the wind was strong the entire night but there was only light rains.

There was still strong winds and gutsy rains this morning as I did the laundry and I had to rewash some of the clothes and bed sheets because it flew away from the clothesline.

I was able to see video footages via news later today and It was really heartbreaking to see victims of the typhoon Yolanda. The Tacloban City was severely damaged. Ormoc, Leyte, Cebu and some other parts of the Visayas were not spared.

I just couldn’t imagine our situation had the Typhoon pass by the Metro Manila, thank goodness we were spared. Here’s hoping and praying for those victims and affected by Yolanda, may they be able to rise above from this tragedy.

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