Down With The Flu Again

… for the nth time! This time, plus mouth sores!  I don’t know how many times I’ve been sick this past few months 🙁 My immune system has been very low lately. I am now on meds and really hoping that the antibiotics starts to kick in. Good thing it’s a long weekend so I still have this whole day to rest some more. Today is Barangay Elections Day, I’d be going out to vote when I feel a lot better later today.

The kids are also now on their short sem-break and will be back to school on November 4. Work-wise, it’s a pretty scarce for my blogs. DA’s are nowhere to be found and all I got was requests for removals. I am really crossing my fingers that things will settle soon and it will be a lot more better for my online gigs, all the more that Christmas is just around the corner. We all do need lots of moohla 🙂

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