Still Sick Yet Working

I was supposed to be absent today because I am still not feeling well, but has to rush to work this morning because a coworker is also absent today. I had chills and high fever again since yesterday ( though I still managed to go to work). Ian kept checking on me the whole night. Good thing there’s nothing much to do right now. I am done with paying the BIR witholding tax (which is due today) early this morning.

Ian was not around when I left home this morning, so imagine how surprised he is when I called him up when I reached the office, he was really worried (and bit angry) about me since I just had fever this morning. Good thing I am feeling better now. No fever (and hope it won’t come back) but still feeling nauseous. Hopefully, there’ll be no annoying phone calls for today! So I can work on with my online tasks 🙂

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