Family Bonding Moment

One of the things that our family do during spare time (no classes or weekends) is to do some fun activity that the whole family will enjoy.

Mall hopping. Whenever budget permits, we do go to the mall and tag the kids along whenever we do shopping. Kids love it whenever we also do grocery shopping as they get the chance to choose their favorite snacks to school, they also love to line up in the cashier whenever it’s time to pay the groceries.

Dining out. Food tripping that is! We make sure to try out what’s the latest craze in food section and restos. 🙂 Buffets, milk tea craze and more.

If and when we’re on tight budget, we just stayed indoor and do something creative! Kids love to do some arts and craft. To keep the whole family involved, we do play game boards like Monopoly, scrabble, twister and more.

Infographic below shows game boards that keeps family on a fun game nights!

Family game nights are fun ways to keep family bonded and the kids very happy without hurting your pocket. Nothing beats being at the comfort of your home and in the arms of your loved ones! So time to set up a family game night every once in awhile. 😉

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