Down with the Flu

I was feeling a bit feverish Thursday afternoon, all along I thought it was just because of the weather and the aircon at the office. It was actually my office mate who has a fever at that time as I even gave her a paracetamol that I always have around (in my handy medicine kit inside my bag) when we took our lunch break.

Come dinner time, I had chills, drank medicine and slept it off. I just thought that it was just a simple fever, but boy oh boy! it didn’t let me sleep the entire night as I woke up every now and then chilling! I am determined to report to work the next day since it was a last working day of the week (payday too!) but I just couldn’t stand up from the bed 🙁 I got blurry vision, bad cough, terrible backache and muscle pains. There I got a FLU!

Flu Fighter Meds

Ian told me to just stay in bed and take a leave from work. So there, I obliged. I took the whole Friday for rest(less) in bed with a terrible headache the whole day. I felt a lot more better earlier when I woke up today but still feeling a bit dizzy. I should be sleeping around by this time, but having been in bed for almost two days most of the time makes me miss my pink computer chair, hence this blog post. 🙂 Just a quick update here. I rarely get sick and if I do, that could be really something and that I need to figure out!

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