Helping The Kids With School Homework

Now that both of my kids are in grade school (Grade 1 and Grade 3), things are somehow getting complicated in terms of their activities in homework and project.

The little boy, who is in his first grade is still in adjustment period, more so, they are in the new curriculum- K to 12 program. There are also changes in the teaching and grading system. While his big sister who’s in grade four is somewhat getting the hang of their school activity, but things are also getting  tougher as they level up.

How do we keep things sane when it comes to doing homework’s and all? Well, it was also quite hard for me as I am working ( the usual 8 hr day job) and I can only help them when I get home around dinner time.

Scheduling. I call the hubby whenever I am free at work before I go home and ask if the kids have “things to bring”  for their assignment or project that I need to buy. Remind him to check on the kid’s diary for assignments or reminders from school.

Work/ Study Time. After dinner, kids knew that they need to check and do HW (homework)

Whenever we work on their HW or project, we usually work on the computer table or the kids’ on bed as they write. We really need to set up an study area for them, they got a lot stuffs that needs organization. Coloring materials, pens, papers, magazines and all!

Support. As parents, we see to it that we are there to guide and assist them. Reach out when asked for some help. Encourage them ways and strategies that will lighten up the work load. Sometimes, I am really exhausted from a day’s work and I don’t have the energy anymore to stay up late and help them out- in this manner, it is the hubby’s turn.

Being involved feels like going on a backtrack on my school days too. I actually enjoy seeing them learn as I actually learn something new too!



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