School Lunch Boxes

My kids are so lucky they get to have new school lunch boxes every year. Two years ago, Dear daughter have this Allerhand Lunch bag, in which until today is in good working condition. Still looks new despite being used everyday day.


This time, they got these cute insulated Lunch bags.


For the little girl she got the a  “brand called eD”  Insulated Lunch Bag in color pink.

It features:

  • 1 main compartment with velcro seal flap
  • Made with high density thermal insulation and durable material
  • Strong, durable bottle pocket zipper to ensure easy access
  • Soft handle for comfortable transportation
  • BPA Free, Phthalate Free and Lead Free lining
  • Easy to clean, simply wipe down with a damp cloth
  • Comes with a 500mL bottle

Features from here

The little boy on the other hand got ABCDEF Insulated Lunch, which has the same feature as her sister’s lunch bag, only with 350ml bottled I think. I Googled the brand and saw that it only cost around $5-$10 since its is on discount/ sale 🙂 But the style, design and materials used is of good quality.


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