A Little Update

It has been ten days since my father passed away and I still couldn’t take a grasp that he’s finally gone… And that what’s only left is his memory. I find comfort in doing flashbacks of happy memories of him with us during my childhood years.

Those good old days that we used to share when life is less complicated for us his children. Loving memory that is!

The realization that someone so dear to you is no longer physically around is quite hard to bear. I can only find comfort in knowing that he is now at peace with our creator.

Moving on, though I still feel quite low with the overwhelming things going around me, added the terrible hot weather, yes, I just really have to put that! :D… Still struggling to find ways on how to cope up, work wise and finance wise! Kids enrollment is just around the corner, not to mention both of my kids’ birthday this summer. So I am really crossing my fingers that work gigs will pick up this time around!

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