Care For Our Elderly

It was heartbreaking to see our loved ones, especially our dear parents suffering and getting sick as they grow old. We couldn’t help but become emotional as we recall how they’d been through a lot as they take care of us when we were still  little kids depending on their strength and help.

It was early last year when I got a  call from my sister informing me that my father was rushed to the hospital due to high blood pressure, etc. since then, he started to get sick every now and then and suffered from a skin disease too.

Day by day, he started to mellow down and lost his strength. One of our biggest scare is that he’s been showing signs and symptoms of an Alzheimer’s disease, so we are really taking extra precaution to support him in everything that he do.


He really loves walking around every morning, so we thought of buying him walkers with seats for elderly so he could comfortably do his early routine. It was my niece who takes care of him and make sure to attend to all his needs.

Everybody around him (our family and even neighbors) was informed of his condition to make sure that he gets proper care and attention. Since there are times that he goes out and forgot how to go back into our house ( which happened a few times), we did find more ways and more tips here on how to support his condition. Giving our love and support is the best thing that we could do to let them feel that they (elders) are not alone in their battle as they grow old.

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